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Champs vs Pros: Rosters and Draft

After analyzing our historical #1 selections, we led off with Kim's first ever #1 pick, personal favorite, Darrell! See below for our teams and draft selection, plus Yasmine and I did a quickie pod episode about Invasion of the Champions and then dive into our Champs vs Pros draft!

Note we'll have to change up some of the rules after we watch the first episode, but for now we're for sure reducing all drama points to +1 (instead of +2), and maybe we'll awards points for being captain if that's how the format shakes out.

Kim: Darrell, Louie Vito, Lindsey Jacobellis
Jon: Cara Maria, Louise Hazel, Gus Kenworthy
Yasmine: Candice Wiggins, Johnny Bananas, Wes
Victor: CT, Shawne Merriman, Camila
Susan: Jordan, Kamerion Wimbley, Veronica
George: Lolo Jones, CM Punk, Tia Blanco

Undrafted: Ashley K, Ashley M

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